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Specialty Cocktails

Cold Russian.
Vanilla vodka, kahlua, nitro cold brew coffee and a float of Bailey's are served on the rocks and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Maple Coffee.
Bailey's, maple syrup and nitro cold brew coffee are topped with a float of Kahlua and a dollop of whipped cream.

Cold Irish Coffee.
Irish whiskey and nitro cold brew coffee are mixed with sugar in a snifter. Add a dash of mint-infused simple syrup for an extra kick!

Coffee Stout.
You'll love our cold brew coffee and Guinness mixture!

Sparkplug Shot
Vodka and Bailey's get a makeover when you add nitro cold-brew coffee!

1220 Clover Leaf
4 Hands 1220 Origins gin, pineapple gum, lime juice, cherry. A local riff on a pre-prohibition classic.

Candied Apple
Svedka, apple juice, fresh squeezed lemon, toffee syrup. Seasonal treats in martini form.

In Celtic Fashion
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition, Angostura bitters, cold brew coffee syrup, flamed orange peel. A roasty exploration of a Don Draper favorite.

Chocolate Dragon
Absolut Vanilla, Ancho Reyes, Meletti Chocolate liqueur. Sometimes we drink our desserts.

Cranberry Sparkle
Hendrick’s gin, cranberry juice, cranberry ginger syrup, sparkling white wine float. Effervescent seasonal tidings.

Monarch’s Manhattan
Llywelyn’s Makers Mark Private Select, Carpano Antica Formula, chocolate bitters. Rich and regal.

Plantation Fever
Cruzan dark rum, Mozart dry chocolate spirit, lime juice, chipotle syrup. Sweet, heat, citrus, savory.