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The History of Llywelyn's Pub

Llywelyn’s Pub was originally opened in St. Louis at 4747 McPherson by Jack Brangle. Along with Cafe Balaban and Duff’s Restaurant, it marked the beginning of the present day Central West End business district. Llywelyn's Pub served primarily Welsh fare and was a small intimate pub with the cook’s line located beside the bar.

In the late eighties, the adjacent property was acquired. A new kitchen was installed and a dining room was added; the menu was expanded and Llywelyn’s Pub could now offer a true restaurant setting along with the bar.

In 1997, the present ownership acquired the Pub. The theme was expanded to include both Irish and Scottish selections and Llywelyn’s became a “Celtic” Pub. The menus were expanded, the décor and seating arrangements were changed and the Pub re-opened in the Fall of 1997.