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Terms of Membership

1. Llywelyn's VIP Club reserves the right to change, limit, add or delete any of the program rules, terms, conditions, benefits, award levels, in whole or in part, at any time, as it's sole discretion, with or without notice. Members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award or award level.

2. Llywelyns VIP Club has no predetermined lifespan and may continue until such time as Llywelyn's VIP Club in its sole discretion elects to designate a termination date. If the program is canceled, for any reason, all points at the time of cancellation will be forfeited.

3. Neither the program nor any benefit offering or the like relating to the program shall be construed as or constitute a contract or otherwise establish a contractual relationship between Llywelyn's VIP Club and the member or otherwise establish legal rights of the Member.

4. To hold membership in the VIP program, members must provide their legal name, an accurate email address and their phone number.

5. It is the individual member's responsibility to notify the club of any change in contact information. If we are unable to contact a member within a 6-month period, we reserve the right to close the membership account. All points in credit at that time will be forfeited.

6. There is no limit to the number of members per table who are able to earn points for a single visit to Llywelyn's VIP Club. Each member will earn points for the share of the dining transaction that they personally pay for.

7. Lost cards will not be replaced.

8. Membership benefits are non-transferable.

9. Under the privacy laws, individual account information, including award redemption details, will not be given to anyone other than the member whose name appears on the account and will be delivered to the address recorded on the account at the time of request.

10. State, Federal or any other taxes resulting from Membership points earned or awards redeemed are the sole responsibility of the member.

11. Points earning will be calculated to the nearest whole dollar for each transaction.

12. Reward Points cannot be credited retrospectively and can only be allocated to one account. Once points have been earned and awarded to one membership account, they cannot be transferred.

13. Llywelyn's Dollars can only be redeemed for up to one half of the total bill for food, drinks and gift cards.

14. Our VIP rewards coupons can not be used in conjunction with VIP point redemption or other discount coupons.

15. Valid only at St. Louis locations.

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