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Giving Back


Passion for Community
At Llywelyn’s Pub, our vision is "Passion for Community" and we value giving back to the communities in which we serve.
Since 2013, Llywelyn's Pub has donated over $140,000 to local non-profit charities and deserving community organizations; we have also contributed almost $20,000 in local sponsorships. Due to company policy, we only consider direct donation for tax exempt 501(c) organizations. If you are requesting a donation for a group that does not have a valid tax ID number, please contact us at
Llywelyn's Pub is happy to review any submission for donations. Due to the number of submissions we recieve, we ask that the following form is completed and sent. We will only review submissions processed through this form. 
Please note that Dining to Donate Events receive 20% of the daily sales (excluding tax and gratuity). These events are held on the first Monday or Tuesday of each month and a minimum of 100 guests is requested. 
Thank you and please sumbit the following form to start the process.
Please note that Dining to Donate events are limited to the first Monday or Tuesday of each month.
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