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St. David's Day 2018

Event Date
03/01/2018 - 11:00am
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Are you celebrating St. David's Day on March 1?
This year, we are excited to offer our award-winning Cheesy Potato Leek Soup for St. David's Day. We'll offer it in a cup for $3.95 or a bowl for $4.95.

Never heard of St. David's Day?
In the cliffs of Pembrokeshire, David was born on a stormy night 1,500 years ago. He became a monk at an early age and later founded his own monastery close to home. This area is now known as St. Davids and you can find both The Cathedral and St. David's Bishop Palace there.

St. David has been tied to many tales - from raising the dead to springs appearing in his honor. He was an incredible speaker who, supposedly, the ground rose from under him as a stage. He was well known in his community as both a leader and a talented speaker.

David passed away on March 1 of 589AD at 100 years old. Today, we use leeks and daffodils to commemorate his life. In Wales, there are parades, performances and - of course - lots of traditional Welsh foods.



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