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Shamrock Success

Event Date
03/22/2017 - 11:45am
Event Details

After scarfing down a classic platter of corned beef and cabbage, swigging back a richly creamy Guinness, and wiping the tartar off your cheek... your server may have asked if you’d like to buy an MDA Shamrock. Lucky for us, our patrons are both hungry and generous.


Each year for St. Pat’s, Llywelyn’s Pub partners with the Muscular Dystrophy Association to raise awareness and funding for their incredible program. MDA directly funds projects around the nation, including research in therapeutic strategies, drug development, and the physical processes behind neuromuscular diseases.


Our Pub is lucky to be a part of this meaningful cause, and we were honored to have our restaurants freckled with shamrocks for the holiday season. Our patrons supported the cause generously, contributing more than $8,000 to research, care, equipment, and education about neuromuscular diseases.


If you missed your chance to donate, or if you’d care to contribute more, we’d love to see you at the MDA Muscle Walk of St. Louis on April 2nd.

Cheers to our staff and amazing customers for this huge success!



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