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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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We are now making and serving our own Nitro Cold Brew Coffee! We charge it with nitrogen during the brew to bring out the sweet flavors and to give it a smooth, velvet texture. Try our cold brew coffee today in a snifter or make it a cocktail.

Cold Russian
Vanilla vodka, kahlua, nitro cold brew coffee and a float of Bailey's are served on the rocks and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Maple Coffee
Bailey's, maple syrup and nitro cold brew coffee are topped with a float of Kahlua and a dollop of whipped cream.

Cold Irish Coffee
Irish whiskey and nitro cold brew coffee are mixed with sugar in a snifter. Add a dash of mint-infused simple syrup for an extra kick!

Coffee Stout
You'll love our cold brew coffee and Guinness mixture!

Sparkplug Shot
Vodka and Bailey's get a makeover when you add nitro cold-brew coffee!



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