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Llywelyn's Pub's Maker's Mark / 4 Hands Brewery Dinner

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A celebration of a collaborative effort between Llywelyn's Pub, Maker's Mark and 4 Hands Brewery.
We will be pairing Maker's Mark cocktails, with beers from 4 Hands and 7 courses from Chef Adam Cantor. 
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We at Llywelyn's Pub, have been lovers of great whiskeys for the last quarter of a century. Most of our enjoyment has been in serving the Celtic whiskeys, those peaty lovelies from the Isles to the Highlands of Scotland as well as their sweeter, bolder cousins enjoyed throughout Ireland. When we were offered the opportunity to work with the master distillers at Makers Mark, to create our own personalized Bourbon, we jumped at the chance. 
At Makers Mark we were shown how different woods, submerged into a barrel, can enhance the flavor of the whiskey. We tested multiple blends to create our own, one of a kind Makers Mark Private Select. In this Bourbon you will find hints of aggressive spice from both the wood from the French Cuvee barrels as well as from the Baked American Pure. This is balanced by the sweetness from Roasted French Mocha barrels and rounded with the almost perfectly balanced Makers 46. The result is 246 bottles of an utterly drinkable Bourbon to be enjoyed neat, over ice, or in one of our signature cocktails created especially for this blend. 
Our collaborations with 4 Hands Brewery have always been very well received, we are sure to expect the same with our most recent collaboration, Father Time BarLLYwine.  We used the same barrel that our Private Select, mentioned above, and had 4 Hands age their Father Time beer in that barrel.  What came out of that barrel is something both rare and magical.  
We let loose our chef, Adam Cantor, to create 7 courses that show how well whiskey and beer pair with different sorts of foods.  We have picked the freshest ingredients, along with imaginative plates to showcase these collaborations. 
On hand to talk about their creations and ours will be Scott Mooney - Program Manager for Maker's Mark Private Select, Martin Toft - Brewery Manager for 4 Hands Brewery, and Adam Cantor Executive Chef for Llywelyn's Pub.




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