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Goose Island Migration Week: Webster Groves

Event Date
09/25/2014 - 3:00pm
Event Details

Don't forget to tell your boss that you will be "sick" on Thursday 9/25 at 3pm

Goose Island Migration Week is back!

Thursday 9/25 at 6pm we will be opening up the Pub Room for some rare delicious brews from the Goose Island crew

We will be featuring bottle pours of these rare and fantastic beers:

-2012 BCS Coffee

-2010 Vanilla BCS

-2013 Backyard Rye 

-2013 BCS

-2013 Coffee BCS
For those that are new to the craft beer scene, this is an excellent way to get to try some of the premier barrel aged brews in a comparative setting. The event last year really opened my eyes to all of the great imperial stouts out there that can be aged and blended with other things to take on amazing and uncanny amounts of flavor. Cheers to these beers!
We will also have the Devon Ave. Pale Ale on Draught:
Devon Ave. is a pale ale that recalls an age of daring exploration and trade across uncharted waters. This team set out on the brackish sea of brewing innovation in search of a recipe that would honor age-old tradition and modern technique. The tradition of English brewing, the cuisine of India, and the knowledge of our brewers in Chicago converged at the Patel Brothers Spice House on Devon Ave. Here they found the spices they would use in the finished beer - amchoor spice, cardamom, ajowan, along with chai tea from David’s Tea in Canada.


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