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4 Reasons to Host Your Next Holiday Celebration at Llywelyn’s Pub

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Tis’ the season for a great party! At Llywelyn’s Pub we’re all about this time of year, and there’s nothing we love more than seeing happy customers with holiday cheer fill our pubs. Across six locations we have nine unique event spaces that are perfect for any party or business gathering! Bring a little life to your celebrations and read why your upcoming holiday bash should be spent with us.




1. You bring the people, we’ll handle the rest

Party planning is stressful. Why worry about finding vendors for event space, food, and drinks when you can have it all in one place? When planning your party with us, it’s as simple as reserving a room, choosing a drink option, and selecting your favorite dishes from our catering menu. We’ll handle the logistics when the day arrives and all you have to worry about is having a great time!




2. You can party like the Irish

It’s no secret that the Celts know how to party, and we honor our Irish heritage by doing the same. For the duration of your event, you and your guests will have access to our full cash bar! Or, if the giving season has you feeling generous, we also have four different options for setting up an open bar:

  • Set a specific dollar amount you want to spend

  • Offer your guests a limited drink menu

  • Set a specific time frame for the open bar

  • Offer a certain number of drink tickets guests can redeem at the bar



3. You can enjoy your favorite Llywelyn’s dishes

Who died and made ham and turkey the kings of holiday meals? We know you’re going to have more than your fill of the typical fare, so break the mold with some timeless pub favorites from our extensive catering menu. We’re talkin’ fish and chips, baked berry brie, traditional bread pudding-- all the big hitters! By picking and choosing your favorites from our savory appetizers, bite-sized entrees, full dinners, and sweet indulgences, it’s easy to find the perfect dishes to complement your event.




4. We have a banquet space near you!

With event spaces in Soulard, Webster Groves, Wildwood, St. Charles, St. Peters, and O'Fallon you have plenty of options to choose from to keep the festivities close to home. Each location has at least one reservable room where you can set up shop and throw the perfect seasonal soiree for friends, family, and coworkers. You can find more information about the amenities at each location, menu options, and other frequently asked questions under the ‘Banquets’ tab on our website.

Take the stress out of planning your celebrations this holiday season and come get decked in our halls (or don’t get decked, either way it will be a great party). Book online or call and reserve your space today!





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